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Lamont Scandal Indicative of … stuff

Hugh Hewitt’s guest blogger Dean Barnett (from has a really observant piece on the sinestrosphere’s aversion to the latest Lamont scandal:

Regarding the earlier blogola scandal involving Kos:

When the blogola story broke that put some of the nutroots’ luminaries in a negative light, Markos Moulitsas sent out an email to his fellow nutroots denizens that, among other things, suggested that they don’t discuss the story in order to deprive it of oxygen.

As I write, the newfound discipline is once again on display. Two days ago liberal bloggress Jane Hamsher did potential damage to the Ned Lamont juggernaut when she portrayed Joe Lieberman in black face on the Huffington Post. Today, the Grey Lady herself, the New York Times, waddled in with coverage of the incident that was predictably condescending to the blogosphere. The whole tenor of the Time’s piece suggests that the bloggers are juveniles who should best be confined to the kids’ table during a heated political race. And nothing tends to bug the nutroots’ more than the suggestion that they can’t behave maturely enough to sit with the grown-ups like the New York Times.

His points are that a) the sinestrosphere can act as a cohesive unit, and b) that Kos wags the tail, and c) that this indicates a level of sophistication, maturity and discipline.

Once again, the smart move will be for the progressive blogosphere to remain relatively silent and deprive the story of oxygen. If they can pull it off again, it will be a significant development.

Personally, I think it’s simpler: it indicates a philosophy.

The Left is politically a smattering of single issue special interests that cobble together to fight the evil Right. But at their core, they are authoritarians, power brokers, and Big Government apologists. It is not so far fetched that they move in synch when presented with language and motivation that they understand.

When Kos sends out his marching orders, the message is clear. Keep a lid on your emotions and language, take one for the big guy, and we’ll all get what we want. Lamont in power, defeating a Bush Democrat like Swingin’ Joe would be tangible proof of the power of the Sinestrosphere.

It’s so much easier to do that from within the Left than from without, because their willingness to act and organize is a derivative of their desire for central authority. When a respected central authority yells “jump”, they are only too willing to jump. What looks like discipline and maturity is nothing more than the logical consequence of a deep seeded need to be a cog in a machine. And this sort of thing is virtually impossible from the Dextrosphere, what with the libertarians, conservatives, and rugged individualists.

At any rate, Barnett is right – the Lamont issue will be a test. Now what we need is for Rove to figure out how to exploit it.


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  2. That’s what I needed to hear. Permission to continue to post, sah!

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