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Cynthia McKinney – Like a Dull Knife in a Gun Fight

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

And for one of the first times publicly, Johnson took off the gloves. After McKinney accused him of being under the thumb of Republicans because of the money he has gotten from GOP-leaning donors, he struck back.

“I can accuse her of being under the control of terrorists, but I won’t” Johnson said, because of the money that her campaign has gotten from Muslim interests.

“But I won’t” – I think that technique is taught in freshman debate.

Johnson went on to call McKinney a liar for claims that she is employing 500 workers in a new work program and for the laundry list of money that she said she has brought to the Fourth District during her tenure in the House…. Countered McKinney: “I have brought so much money to DeKalb County that Johnson didn’t even spend it.”

Seriously, if you are going to debate someone like McKinney, how do you not take off the gloves? There is nothing there but factual evidence of malfeasance, borderline treason, and generally rude behavior. She’s just a twit.

The hardest thing about this debate for Johnson, her challenger, has got to be the mischaracterization of the debate topics. Johnson claims, (factually, from what I have read), that McKinney is taking money from questionable sources, is a lame duck in Congress, is embarrassing for Georgia. All true. All good. But McKinney throws back hollow insults and Letterman-quality zongers, and it’s called a debate. She’s trying to act like the cool girl in high schrewel who wins arguiments with a flip of her hair and a turn on her heel. And what the hell? She got re-elected with those exact qualifications.

“The special interest for me is the people,” McKinney said.

I’m just going to let that hang in the air for a second.


August 4, 2006 - Posted by | Politics


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