Deo volente.

McKinney is out … again

Can we please leave well enough alone this time?

Attorney Hank Johnson, a former county commissioner, won the nomination with 59 percent of the vote, surpassing McKinney by more than 11,000 votes.

It was the Joooooos! Right? Wasn’t it?

McKinney, her state’s first black congresswoman, has long been controversial. Her suggestion that the Bush administration had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks helped galvanize opposition and she lost her seat in 2002, but won it again two years ago.

In her latest brouhaha in March, she struck a Capitol police officer who did not recognize her and tried to stop her from entering a House office building.

Oh yeah. It wasn’t the Joooos. It was the fact that she is a stupid, stupid person who was in over her head. She did stupid things stupidly. She said stupid things repeatedly. And she focused on stupid things as a way to represent her constituents.

The bad news is that the lower rungs of the ladder in Congress are once again up for grabs. The devil you know …


August 9, 2006 - Posted by | Politics



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