Deo volente.

Darth Qader

I wonder if Hezbollah has “swearing in” ceremonies?

Via Volokh:

Strong evidence that “Green Helmet” staged photos for the media at Qana here. Via EU Referendum, Stern magazine credulously indentifies “Green Helmet” as an innocent rescue worker name Salam Daher. But he called himself “Abdel Qader” on Arabic t.v., and the footage linked above hardly suggests a typical rescue worker. The mystery deepens.

Annakin had two names too.

Oh Yeah … Update: LGF perpetuates the rumor that the guy got hit in an airstrike. What’s interesting is the assertion that he was blasted “as he was engaged in rescue efforts.” [my paraphrase] To my knowledge, it’s not the Israelis who launch multiple attacks with the intent to maim or kill the rescue workers – it’s Hamas and their ilk. This is just another example of subtle propogandizing.


August 13, 2006 - Posted by | Battle of Israel

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