Deo volente.


… is single. I was going to rag him on his site, but no one’ll read it here. Here’s the theory …

He quit blogging to shore up the previous relationship.

He started blogging again when that was obviously not enough.

If you question the timing, as I do, then it all makes sense.

But, really, who gives a crap. He’s single. He seems like a good guy. Go get him, girls. You could do worse than having “Garfield Ridge” as a last name …


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Slate – Idiots who Cater to the Elites

Did you know, a la this graphic , that …

  • The EU and Israel are friends?
  • That the realationship between Iran and Lebanon is “complicated”?
  • That Lebanon and Syria are enemies?
  • That Al Quaeda ad Hezbollah has a “complicated” relationship.

I smell nuance. It’s on my shoes.

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Ohhh, Sweet, sweet Crazy

Anti-Jew + Pornography + Anti-Wikipedia

This is beautiful, lovely crazy. Or, hell, maybe it’s true. Ace always said that he doubted Wikipedia’s quasi-socialist, democracy of the commons model. Can you run a business by leveraging the people who yell the loudest?

It turns out that I went to the same high school as the Wales guy mentioned in the article – not sure about the elitist part. It was pretty pedestrian as private schools go.

How did I find this stuff out? It’s the remnants of the now defunct Ace of Spades HQ Research department who I have hired in a fit of nobless oblige.

Seriously, I was googling for information about a teacher I had while there who was a Holocaust-denier just out of curiosity (based on one of the frontpage stories I linked below) … Turns out he died a few years ago, but he used to get a lot of sweet, crazy local press. Is it coincidence that he gets the Wikipedia treatment?

I think not!

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German ReArmament after WWI and Iran

I have just started reading Chuchill’s History of the Second World War. It is fascinating in particular to read The Gathering Storm, the portion of the history from 1919 until 1938 or so. He goes into great detail about the German re-armament.

After discarding the majority of the WWI military technology to appease the rest of Europe, Germany engaged in a strengthening of its officer corps and put in place an extensive program to modernize factories. When the time came to recruit the majority of the 63 or so divisions that existed on paper, the country was ready with training and infrastructure. When it came time to throw off the restraining limitations on the Navy, the shipyards were prepared with advanced machinery to make advanced weaponry.

The statement was made, and I’m paraphrasing, that the country unfettered by old technology would have a huge advantage at the beginning of the next war. Consider this in the light of Iran.

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