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German ReArmament after WWI and Iran

I have just started reading Chuchill’s History of the Second World War. It is fascinating in particular to read The Gathering Storm, the portion of the history from 1919 until 1938 or so. He goes into great detail about the German re-armament.

After discarding the majority of the WWI military technology to appease the rest of Europe, Germany engaged in a strengthening of its officer corps and put in place an extensive program to modernize factories. When the time came to recruit the majority of the 63 or so divisions that existed on paper, the country was ready with training and infrastructure. When it came time to throw off the restraining limitations on the Navy, the shipyards were prepared with advanced machinery to make advanced weaponry.

The statement was made, and I’m paraphrasing, that the country unfettered by old technology would have a huge advantage at the beginning of the next war. Consider this in the light of Iran.

Iran, in the modern era, has _never_ been a military powerhouse to compete with a G8 country. We consider this a mark in our favor, but in actuality, the Imams have never considered this to be a disadvantage. They have focused instead on creating a war machine that is asymmetric in character, that is brutal without being decisive, and is bullying rather than ultimately destructive. For two decades, Iran has built an infrastructure that is in place not to conquer countries from without but from within.

Now, they come to the next phase of the operation – the creation of nuclear weapons. Keeping in mind that a nuclear weapon for Iran serves a different purpose than it would for Russia or America, this is a vital next step. Notions of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) as a basis for Detente don’t apply – those were strategies of restraint based on nuclear weapons used as a tool to destroy and conquer, not brutalize and terrorize.

Given the recently revealed connections between Naziism and Islamo-Fascism, it would not be surprising in the least to learn that there were connections between the logistical arms of the SS, say, and the Iranian leadership. Pure speculation on my part, but it is instructive that the techniques of evasion, hiding, and “appeasing” Europe are categorically the same between the two parties. Even if there are no connections, per se, there is clear evidence that the doctrines are the same.

This is what we confront today – not the fairy tale promulgated by the American Left. More on that later, but Ace’s dire predelictions aren’t wrong. He’s right to be concerned.


August 23, 2006 - Posted by | Battle of Iran, GWOT

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