Deo volente.

Ohhh, Sweet, sweet Crazy

Anti-Jew + Pornography + Anti-Wikipedia

This is beautiful, lovely crazy. Or, hell, maybe it’s true. Ace always said that he doubted Wikipedia’s quasi-socialist, democracy of the commons model. Can you run a business by leveraging the people who yell the loudest?

It turns out that I went to the same high school as the Wales guy mentioned in the article – not sure about the elitist part. It was pretty pedestrian as private schools go.

How did I find this stuff out? It’s the remnants of the now defunct Ace of Spades HQ Research department who I have hired in a fit of nobless oblige.

Seriously, I was googling for information about a teacher I had while there who was a Holocaust-denier just out of curiosity (based on one of the frontpage stories I linked below) … Turns out he died a few years ago, but he used to get a lot of sweet, crazy local press. Is it coincidence that he gets the Wikipedia treatment?

I think not!


August 23, 2006 - Posted by | Sweet Crazy

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  1. i have that too!

    Comment by rachael | January 19, 2007 | Reply

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