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Allah is, as Ace suggests, exploring the studio space. It’s Friday – time to throw gas on smoldering fires. The bit about porn I’ll just let go … better men than I are on it.

But the bit about Forbes’ article on career women is funny. Evidently it caused enough stir that they took the post down and then re-upped it as point / counterpoint. What is really a pretty reasoned and factual article by Michael Noer is taken as a slap in the progressive face. So they got some stringer, and a woman to boot, to do the refutation in the name of balance.

So the balanced diversity thing is a little silly. And the fact that the refutation is anecdotal, poorly written, and a fluff opinion piece certainly didn’t stop the editors from doing their bit for the cause. But really, this is all pretty funny …The best part? Here are the titles …
Point: Don’t Marry Career Women

Counterpoint: Don’t Marry A Lazy Man

That’s not a counterpoint. That’s an attack.

Boy, I saw that coming.

A counterpoint would be “Career women make wonderful spouses” or “Career women can do it all” or “Don’t marry a woman who won’t get out of the home.” Mind you, I’m not advocating any of these as truth – I’m simply pointing out that a real counterpoint refutes the claims made by the point.

From the counterpoint:

OK, call me a cougar. I’ve been working since the day I graduated from college 20-odd years ago. I have two grade-school-aged children. Work definitely takes up more than 35 hours a week for me. Thankfully, I do seem to make more than $30,000. All of which, according to Michael, should make me a wretched wife.

In spite of those dangerous statistics, my husband and I are about to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. You’ll see us snuggling at a mountain-winery concert this month, enjoying the occasion. I don’t think I’m all that unusual–so it seemed like a good time to test Michael’s grim assertions.

Of course you are, darling. Check out her advice for the gals out there when faced with competition:

What do you do? A: Stay home, whine and eat chocolate B: Take up rock climbing, read interesting books and continue to develop that interesting personality he fell in love with in the first place.

Got that? You can only do A or you can do B. How did I know that these were going to be the only choices. Maybe if I could get the nuance off my shoes, I’d understand that she’s simplifying for my sake. But I would think twice before ingesting any advice from Ms. Cougar.

In two-career couples, Michael frets, there’s less specialization in the marriage, so supposedly the union becomes less useful to either party. Look more closely, Mike! Any long-running marriage is packed full of carefully developed–and charmingly offsetting–areas of expertise.

This is good – she repeats the argument and then misses the point. Darling, there may be offsetting areas of expertise, but his point is that no-one is focused on the marriage vis a vis the marriage.

Anyway, read it. It’s good for a chuckle, as most teachable moments are. And regarding the editor’s jobs at Forbes, they will be accepting applications soon.
Before anyone gets mad Update: By the way, don’t take my snark at Ms. Counterpoint to be snark at working women. I’m just tired of Feminists assuming I just don’t get it, when in fact, their world view can’t possibly encompass my reality.


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  1. […] On reflection, there are a whole raft of points that Ms Cougar is missing. Everyone’s situation is different, and it comes down to judgement, but what causes me heart burn is the (tired, old, ridiculous) feminazi tone of “Women will have it all, dammit, if I have to kill you to prove it.” Her’s is ideological platitudes over reality. […]

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