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Meredith Viera Could take Ms. Cougar any Day

Meredith Viera, formerly of the view and now switching to Today, puts us some common sense:

What do you say to women who want to have it all?

I hate that expression. When I left 60 Minutes, I had women who came up to me very angry and said, “You know, you were proof you could have it all. How dare you leave?” I thought that was ridiculous–I would lie to myself to create a lie for everybody else? You have to prioritize. If you can fit in job and kids and be comfortable with it, great. At that point, I realized I couldn’t do it and give my kids and husband what they needed.

Viera has a point. It’s roughly the same point that Katherine Hepburn used to make about raising a family, which was that she couldn’t give it the focus and attention that it deserves and so she never did it. These are women who know their limitations and who know reality when they see it.

Now for the gratuitous image …

On reflection, there are a whole raft of points that Ms Cougar is missing. Everyone’s situation is different, and it comes down to judgement, but what causes me heart burn is the (tired, old, ridiculous) feminazi tone of “Women will have it all, dammit, if I have to kill you to prove it.” Ideological platitudes are just mammals that lay eggs.


August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Hmmm…someone on The View not too long ago–I think it was Grandma Babwa–said something to the effect of “I’ve always said you CAN have it all–just not all at once.” I think a lot of women would save themselves a lot of grief (as well as their spousal units, children, co-workers, etc) if they would heed that advice.

    Comment by Scott | August 28, 2006 | Reply

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