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Hezbollah: Public Enemy #1

Let me just throw this out … the number one (#1) terrorist enemy of the US is not Al Quaeda. It is Hezbollah.


  • Apart from September 11, Hezbollah has killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization.
  • Apart from Al Quaeda, no other terrorist organization has the depth and scope that Hezbollah has. Consider the international presence – Hezbollah is in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and has deep root in South America.

For what it’s worth, i think this is exactly why the Bush administration has always called this the War on Terror instead of the War on Al Quaeda. And I think this is why there is general dismissiveness in the intelligence community about the nature of Bin Laden – he’s a cog in the machine, and due to recent efforts, a pretty small one.

Now, they are promising to re-arm for a fight in Gaza

Israel’s spy chief has given a warning that Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip are garnering increasing numbers of weapons and tactical expertise from Hezbollah fighters since the war in southern Lebanon erupted earlier this summer.

Thank God they don’t collaborate.

This only makes sense. With Lebanon having been reduced, Hezbollah seeks to continue the fight. They need a place to ship their arms and continue the pressure against Israel.

He added that within Gaza terrorists were building rocket hideouts, a bunker network and an anti-tank missile arsenal as they prepared for an escalated confrontation with Israel.

What this is really saying is that the Terror Masters consider Lebanon a victory. By any military measure, it was a failure for Iran and Hezbollah. But by the measure of Asynchronous Terrorism, wherein militarily inefficient but politically effective projects are continually funded, it was a win. By the fact that the complicit UN is considered the arbiter of peace in Lebanon, it was a win. And by the fact that Israel itself was hamperedby its Western allies and ineffectually led by its left-leaning politicians, it was a win. So? Throw more money at it …

They suspect Hezbollah has taken a tactical decision to scale down its operations in southern Lebanon, focussing instead on new anti-Israel fronts in the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.

Mr Diskin added that law and order was in rapid decline throughout Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in the West Bank, where Hezbollah was becoming a greater threat than even Fatah and Hamas.

The connection between the two organisations has been strong since 1992, when 400 Hamas members were exiled from Israel to Lebanon where they were significantly influenced, both politically and militarily, by Hezbollah. A number of those Hamas leaders are still based in Lebanon.

But they don’t collaborate. Thank God.

Have we been going after the wrong targets for 5 years? Probably not. But I think it’s time for us to admit that we are at war with Iran and her puppet organizations, specifically Hezbollah. And it is time to kill them.


September 3, 2006 - Posted by | GWOT, Terrorists

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  1. if people who fight for their freedom are terrorists you are right

    Comment by affadn00 | September 19, 2006 | Reply

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