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Hungarian Socialists Lie to win Elections

Thanks to Krakatoa, we know that the Hungarian Government is having a little PR problem.

Wait …. not a PR problem per se … a problem with lying to their constituents for 18 months.

The protests were triggered by a recording that surfaced Sunday. In it, the Socialist prime minister admitted lying “morning, evening and night” about the economy to win April elections.

Communists and Socialists have to lie to win elections, because the facts don’t bear them out. And you know, the problem with lying about the economy is that you have to be sophisticated about it. Because people know whether they’re doing badly or not.

In the recording leaked Sunday to local media, Gyurcsany could be heard admitting that his government coalition, the first in post-communist Hungary to win re-election, had lied about the economy — keeping it afloat through “hundreds of tricks” and thanks to “divine providence.” … “We screwed up. Not a little, a lot,” Gyurcsany was heard saying. “No European country has done something as boneheaded as we have. … I almost died when for a year and a half we had to pretend we were governing. Instead, we lied morning, evening and night,” he told his fellow Socialists.

“Divine Providence” … that must have hurt.

Krakatoa opines:

Funny how easily the left uses that particular scheme to get elected all over the world. (Clinton’s ’92 campaign lies, and of course the endless lies & media slant all during Bush’s presidency.)

Funny how easily it could be avoided if the worldwide media wasn’t complicit in it.

I am shocked (shocked!) that you would imply that the Democratic Party are a) Socialists, and b) in league with the horrible media. Why the media are the scourge of the earth, Sir, and I will not sit by and tolerate this insensitive madness. Democrats are incorruptable, by damn.

Good Day Sir!


September 19, 2006 - Posted by | Democrats, Economy


  1. Gyurcsany is a reformer.
    He did not really like lying.
    However, he was not brave enough to risk loosing elections.

    Comment by FILO | September 28, 2006 | Reply

  2. Gyurcsany is a sickening liar.
    He lied to win elections. He “lied in the morning, evening and night”.
    Those who are defending him are defending the lies and the arogancy.

    Comment by batman | October 8, 2006 | Reply

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