Deo volente.

The UN: Just like your Middle School

I guess that everyone must think this is very cute, and how wonderful it is that world leaders can cut up, share a laugh, grow.

Peanut Gallery

Given that the US was paying for this venomous pile of bilge to speak to the UN – and by paying I mean in GDP-related man hours, federal tax dollars, and prime Turtle Bay Real Estate – I think its time to demand an official and comprehensive apology. This needs to come from both the Assembly at large for their peanut-gallery style chuckles and from the murderous thug Chavez himself.

The UN is almost exactly where the League of Nations was in 1938 – an ineffectual organization with no means of enforcement, no original ideas, and being looked at as the only effective means to constrain the worst elements of the world. The problem is that today’s UN far surpasses the LON as ineffectual, embodying as it does a shoddy and unprincipled philosophy that condones the antics of dictators, communism at large, and fascists everywhere.

The UN is a bureaucratic tool that is admired by bureaucrats and politicians because it is the epitome of their craft. But if the US will not exit this shambling retirement home for ill-conceived political philosophies because of substance, then we should do it because of style. Can America just be indignant at the fact that a murderous thug can come in and lecture us and our leadership on morale righteousness?


September 21, 2006 - Posted by | Jack-Asses, Leaders of the West, Politics

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