Deo volente.

A Conservative in America

I’ve said for a long time that the real reason- the only reason – for a conservative to be mad at the Democrats is that they are failing us as a second party.

You can be mad at individuals or at idiots, an awe-ful lot of whom happen to be Democrats. But you’re not mad because they are Democrats. You get mad at their “policies,” projects, or their activism, most of which seems to fly in the face of political theory about deferential republics.

No, the only thing to be mad at Democrats about is that they don’t give you a choice. You don’t like the way the GWOT is being run? Well, you’re not going to find an solution on the other side of the aisle, where the criticism is worse than the alternatives . Don’t like the Senate’s lack of resolve on immigration? Are you in awe that anyone can contemplate national sovereignty without secure borders? Don’t look now, but a Democrat Senate won’t help things.

So there’s no alternative on the issues that matter most. Do a similar comparison side by side on the economy, Iran, North Korea, the Dollar / Euro, South America, judicial activism, or any other serious issue.

The Republican party is the only place where there is actual debate and actual alternatives. The problem is that the debate happens over time in a Darwinian manner rather than at the voting booth. If only you could pit Republican against Republican – then maybe you’d hear a real solution to, say, the border fence that is so needed, or whether a strong dollar is better than a weak dollar. Instead you can choose the dollar, or you can choose the barter system. It’s really no choice at all.

It’s almost like someone asking you whether you’d vote for him or her for president. I’m serious, folks – I’ll take the rabbit.

So this November, I’m taking the rabbit. Don’t get me wrong – there are substantive candidates who deserve the vote, and there are candidates to vote against. But really, there isn’t a choice so much as a decision.


October 27, 2006 - Posted by | Philosophy - General, Politics

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