Deo volente.

AnalogKid can read the Future update …

So we have a new jack ass on the list … that’s good. I don’t think that it’s really a surprise to anyone. And we have some of the coolest guys to wear the uniform who gave Kerry what for

But who else was warning you about violent squirrels?

“It was a freak thing. It was traumatic,” Dougherty told The Derrick newspaper. “I saw it there on the porch, put the mail in the box and turned to walk away and it jumped on me.”

She said the animal ran up her leg and onto her back.

“I eventually got a hold of the tail and pulled it off me,” Dougherty said.

She is lucky it didn’t use the Force.

“In about 230 years of postal history, I bet it is not the first, but I’ve personally never heard of another squirrel biting,” said Steve Kochersperger, spokesman for the Erie district. 

Huh? What a convoluted sentence … he should work as a Kerry speech writer.


November 2, 2006 - Posted by | Jack-Asses

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