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Our Responsibility to our Media: Redux

It would be too much to say that Malkin is getting on board, but it’s good to hear the words:

You tell me: What exactly is the journalistic value of having Hussein hanging out in the desert with civilian-slaughtering terrorists and snapping Theater of Jihad glamour shots for them? Why doesn’t the American media leave that job to as Sahab, al Qaeda’s media production unit, and its analogues?

Urging news organizations to think twice about being used as tools in the terrorists’ propaganda war isn’t “thuggery.” It’s responsible journalism and responsible citizenry. Oops, did I say a bad word?

This is what I was talking about here. It is incumbent to our victory on the GWOT that the Western Media take a reflective look at what they are doing and why they are doing it.

From my earlier piece:

The Press is the force multiplier for the groups who now call themselves the enemies of the West, and so there is no better place to draw a line in the sand.

The Western Free Press, in all of its iterations from the blogosphere to Reuters to AP to CNN to Fox, can and should acknowledge:

  1. that it needs to put in controls to deal with questionable sources so that there are no more Hajj-like replays.
  2. that it is an essential aspect of the terrorist’s method and strategy, and should allow for that in their editorial decisions.
  3. that a Free Press can and could do damage to the West, and to its War on Terror.
  4. that its best interests lie with the interests of the West, and that to fundamentally damage one is to damage the other.

It’s not pie in the sky to want a free and responsible press, and they are no more mutually exclusive than the Blogosphere is.


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Carnival of Mel at CafePress

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Via Moxie.

Suffice to say that I fall somewhere between wanting to give the guy a hug and calling him an idiot. But I refuse to be outraged and shocked by what someone does or says when they’re drunk.

Plus it’s pretty funny. Again, forget the outrage that you’re supposed to feel. I find it funny when people start blaming everyone else for their troubles, especially when they’re shackled in the back seat of a cruiser absolutely blotto. “It was the Jooooos …” is as good as anything else, and better than most.

So go buy some Carnival of Mel gear.

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