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Sexual Politics

Allah is, as Ace suggests, exploring the studio space. It’s Friday – time to throw gas on smoldering fires. The bit about porn I’ll just let go … better men than I are on it.

But the bit about Forbes’ article on career women is funny. Evidently it caused enough stir that they took the post down and then re-upped it as point / counterpoint. What is really a pretty reasoned and factual article by Michael Noer is taken as a slap in the progressive face. So they got some stringer, and a woman to boot, to do the refutation in the name of balance.

So the balanced diversity thing is a little silly. And the fact that the refutation is anecdotal, poorly written, and a fluff opinion piece certainly didn’t stop the editors from doing their bit for the cause. But really, this is all pretty funny …The best part? Here are the titles …
Point: Don’t Marry Career Women

Counterpoint: Don’t Marry A Lazy Man

That’s not a counterpoint. That’s an attack.
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