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Jedi Squirrels

I don’t think this picture really needs any explanation. But I think that it’s time that the world knew … they’re here.

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God took a poop in Dave’s Pool

Dave in Texas has a lot to be proud of now that his new pool is complete. Say “Hello” to Lake Vince.

Because it’s Dave, and because he has a pool and I don’t, and because he’s in Texas and I’m not, we will now be accepting captions in the first ever AnalogKid caption contest.

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… is single. I was going to rag him on his site, but no one’ll read it here. Here’s the theory …

He quit blogging to shore up the previous relationship.

He started blogging again when that was obviously not enough.

If you question the timing, as I do, then it all makes sense.

But, really, who gives a crap. He’s single. He seems like a good guy. Go get him, girls. You could do worse than having “Garfield Ridge” as a last name …

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Exoskeleton Pr0n

We’ve got Exoskeletons, people!

In John’s fantasy world, I gotta barn full of this stuff …

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