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The Left and the State

Ace is getting pissed

The left has decided that talk of murdering politicians they don’t like is now acceptable. Cute, even. I have long been against such talk — including on this site, directed at people I personally loathe — but I have to say I’m getting to the point where I’m less willing to avoid it if the other side refuses to abide by similar common-sense restraints.

I can’t say I’m in complete disagreement. What is particularly dangerous is the notion that they can hide behind the Net’s anonymity, the “humor” gambit, or their collectivism to say that they didn’t mean it. It is precisely that identification with a group or with a philosophy that would give them license to pull a nut-brained stunt like this.

I can tell you one thing about the Left’s conspiracy theories – they all point the finger of blame at Bush and his administration. When and if they gain political power, given their philosophical roots, they will seek to assuage that blame by having the State proclaim him or his administration or his supporters as its enemy. Does anyone recall when Clinton sought to blame right-wing talk radio for the Oklahoma City Bombing?

I’m goddamned tired of the murder-talk and the left’s wink-wink-nudge-nudge response to it. I am sick of these vile fuckers subtly and not-so-subtly encouraging the assassination of duly elected or appointed members of the Bush Administration.

Here’s the problem: our political opponents are autoritarians all, believing in some mix of fascism, socialism, and communism. The ends justify the means, and only they are privy to what the appropriate ends must be. In that way, they are philosphical duplicates of jihadist assassins, for whom a loss of life is the means of advancing the argument.

Their delusion of grandeur is based on the flawed notion that they are both omniscient and representative of the State appratus. Just as there are already calls for an Impeachment hearing should the Republicans lose the House, there will be pressure put on elected Democratic representatives shoud they gain any power whatsoever. Because the ends justify the means. And if the elected officials don’t take action, don’t you think some jack ass would take a Democratic win as a mandate for sanction to act on the behalf of the State?

This is precisely why we cannot start talking like that as a party or as a group. Classical liberalism and rugged individualism cannot tolerate an “ends justify the means” motivational component, because they don’t. The means are the ends that we seek. The way that you do things is important. And the State is not the god of the Republicans – we don’t serve it; it serves us.
Communism and socialism are known as the governments of thugs, becuase they are the first groups to benefit from the ability to hide vicious criminality behind the veneer of righteousness. The Democratic nutroots are devouring that political methodology, and this is why they are a danger to the US. They would allow anything as long as it promoted the State agenda.

We are living in dangerous times when a group of people would act on the behalf of the State to advance an un-democratically supported political agenda.


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Skinbad doesn’t know his Lunatics

Skinbad over at IB thinks that Mark Karr is a ringer for Thulsa Doom. Come on, man….

I give you …. the truth.

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Ohhh, Sweet, sweet Crazy

Anti-Jew + Pornography + Anti-Wikipedia

This is beautiful, lovely crazy. Or, hell, maybe it’s true. Ace always said that he doubted Wikipedia’s quasi-socialist, democracy of the commons model. Can you run a business by leveraging the people who yell the loudest?

It turns out that I went to the same high school as the Wales guy mentioned in the article – not sure about the elitist part. It was pretty pedestrian as private schools go.

How did I find this stuff out? It’s the remnants of the now defunct Ace of Spades HQ Research department who I have hired in a fit of nobless oblige.

Seriously, I was googling for information about a teacher I had while there who was a Holocaust-denier just out of curiosity (based on one of the frontpage stories I linked below) … Turns out he died a few years ago, but he used to get a lot of sweet, crazy local press. Is it coincidence that he gets the Wikipedia treatment?

I think not!

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