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A Continuing Spate of Hmmmmm

See-Dubya has some suspicions about the BP pipeline disaster.

Just remember that Alaskan pipelines go through miles and miles of desolate wilderness. If someone wanted to do something naughty out there, they could. It’s not unheard of; this report mentions an incident of pipeline sabotage at Steele Creek in 1978. Pipeline-jacking is a way of life for insurgent groups in South America, Iraq, and Africa. Here’s a nice little essay on the subject, noting various jihadist calls to screw with our oil supplies. Plus there are ELF maniacs out there who wouldn’t be above a little sabotage.

I’ve thought about this a lot since 2001 – how many accidents aren’t accidents at all. Given the urgency with which the authorities insist that these are not acts of terrorism or sabotage, I have to wonder. If a guy can walk up to an LAX ticket counter or into a Jewish Federation building and start shooting, what’s to keep an enemy from doing damage to an unattended pipeline?

Does anyone else have examples? I remember thinking that something may have been funny about a Houston refinery fire in 2002.

I dunno. This would all be easier if there wasn’t a blanket denial coming from the authorities. If it’s not terrorism, then there should be a clear explanation that is publicly accessible.

Update: Someone in See-Dubya’s comments said they saw pictures of corrosion on the inside of the BP pipes. So this is probably nothing.


August 9, 2006 - Posted by | Homeland Terrorism

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